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Un temps calme avec la Nature!


A 40% non-refundable deposit of total rent price, payable and cashable immediately, is requested on reservation. Final balance of rent must be received, payable and cashable, at least 2 weeks before arrival and must be received with the security deposit. The fees can be paid cash, bank draft, check or certified check made to the order of: Pascal Serei. Final balance is not refundable if you cancel your reservation.

Security deposit of $360 per week, $120 per week-end, $1200 month and over is requested on final payment. This amount will be reimbursed or check destroyed after verification that the house is in as good a state as when you rented it and after verification of the Bell telephone bill for long distances during your stay. Please note that long distances calls should be use for emergency only, otherwise please call reverse charges.

The house can only be occupied by the number of person mentioned on the reservation formula (adults or children). The country house can receive 6 persons.

We ask you to please leave the house clean. Do not throw anything in the toilet (septic tank). Please clean your dishes and clean your garbage.  Take care of the material and do not deposit anything on the radiator and the slow burning stove. Do not make excess noise outside after midnight. You can only smoke outside the house but please put your cigarette butt in the trash can, not in the garden.

In order to protect our lake, do not bring a motor boat, small boats are available. You can bring however an electric motor. Burning wood is free but use it carefully and prudently. If you use burning wood excessively, it will be charge at market price. Do not use all of the water taps at the same time as to let the pump from the artesian well able to keep up and deliver that pure and natural water. Take care of our lake. Thank you for your cooperation.

Arrival after 5.00 p.m.  Departure before 12.00 a.m.

Due to the number of request, confirmation of reservation is based on first demand received, signed formula and deposit received cashable immediately, thank you. 


Return address:

573 av. d’Isère #12
Saint-Lambert, Qc
J4S 1Y9